Sunday, October 25, 2009

...about Crook City

It’s hard to believe that the sleepy little Lawrence County by-way known as Crook City was once a teeming community that overshadowed other towns in the Black Hills region of Dakota Territory.

Some accounts reported as many as 10,000 inhabitants in and around Crook City.

Understandably, the history of this community is woven with fascinating stories that help add to the mystique of the gold rush era in Lawrence County.

The Lawrence County Historical Society publication Some History of Lawrence County contains considerable, if not cohesive, information that helps tell the story of Crook City. Society member Jim Weaver penned an article entitled Crook City - Dakota Territory for the LCHS Historical Marker newsletter some time back. He also assembled a nice collection of photographs of Crook City and its cemetery. We've aggregated just a few of them for display in this Crook City Gallery.

Our thanks to LCHS president Jerry Bryant for alerting us to the Crook City materials, and to Jim Weaver for pulling much of it together for the Historical Marker.