Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hidden treasure: Terry school photo

Undated school photograph believed to be from Terry, South Dakota.
Over the past several days, members of the Lawrence County Historical Society have been completing an inventory of a couple of filing cabinets containing old society financial records, manuscripts, audio tapes, photographs, and sundry other materials.

Among the treats we came across was this undated school photograph.  On the back of the photo was written Terry school children and teachers.  Terry has been a subject of much discussion lately, so we thought you might be interested in this photo.

Even better, we're hopeful that someone may recognize the photo -- perhaps have a better copy of it.  Best of all, perhaps we could date and begin identifying some of the people in the photo.

Visit our LCHS Gallery for a higher resolution version of the above photograph, along with numerous other photos related to the history of Lawrence County.