Thursday, September 1, 2022

Announcing Mr. Tom Griffith as our next speaker!

 We are thrilled to announce that local author and historian Tom Griffith will speak at the Lawrence County Historical Society’s next meeting set for noon, Sept. 18 at the Homestake Adams Research and Cultural Center, 150 Sherman St. in Deadwood.

  Griffith, a former newspaper reporter and editor and advertising agency owner, has written or co-authored 80 books, most about the American West. In addition, his travel features and photography have been published in more than 450 newspaper and magazines from New York to New Zealand.  
  Griffith will speak about his research and writing related to western South Dakota, as well as Black Hills Myths & Legends, the title of his latest book.  
Lunch will be served by Cheyenne Crossing at High Noon! Be there or be bored and hungry :)
Author Extraordinaire, and contender for "World's Most Interesting Man"

Monday, August 22, 2022

Board Meeting and Beyond

The head stone is in the ground!

Derek grabbing the heavy stone...

It's easy peasy! (So he makes it look...)

The new head stone of Dr. William Brown of Lead, seen below

The little sign below was the original marker

Classic style in the cemetery

 Hey fellow History Lovers! We had our board meeting today: here's the update.

- The LCHS board placed the head stone for Dr. William G. Brown in the West Lead Cemetery today. (Photos attached) It was a lovely day, and many thanks to board member Derek Henderson for carrying and placing the heavy stone with reverence.  It's located in the upper North East part of the cemetery.  His new head stone sits on the hill, next to the little rusty sign that originally designated his grave.  

-Three historical projects we decided to proceed with:  

1. Mark the place where Calamity Jane died

2. Mark the Cheyenne Crossing stage stop

3.  Levi Blizzard's new head stone 

-We agreed on a new project as well: Making plaques for Historical Homes/Businesses/Persons/Cemeteries/Churches, etc.  If you want to submit for a historical plaque contact us at

-We're in the works of getting an interesting Historian to come speak at our September Member Meeting.  Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of who and when!

That's all for now, make some History today folks!

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Doc Brown headstone is in!

 The headstone of Doc Brown has arrived! We look forward to placing it in the West Lead Cemetery (in the Masonic section) tomorrow afternoon, Monday Aug 22nd.  The LCHS board will be placing it around 3:00 pm, after our meeting.  

Doc Brown was a doctor in Lead around the turn of the century. He lived in the area that is now the open cut.  He never had a head stone (that we know of) so we had one made.  Have a stroll in the West Lead Cemetery and visit Dr. Brown on a nice autumn day! He is located near the top of the hill, so wear your walkin' shoes.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

LCHS Fall Meeting A Success

 Thank you to all who attended our Fall program.  Marvin Barry was dazzling on the banjo during our delicious-as-always luncheon.  Dave Brueckner rocked the day with tasty food and lots of History on Cheyenne Crossing.  He was entertaining and informational, and he was well-received by all. A special welcome to Jason Sumners, our newest member who alerted us to the need to preserve the headstone of Levi Blizzard.  

We found out that Doctor W.G. Brown was a dentist in Lead who died in 1920.  We are replacing his dilapidated marker with a headstone in the West Lead Cemetery. We also will be replacing Calamity Jane's historical marker in the future.

Keep checking in for all our new projects!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Fall 2019 Member Meeting - Cemetery Walk


Written by Samuel Phillips

"By Unlawful Means"
"The Tragic Saga of the Outlaw Bill Gay"

Bill Gay lived a most eventful life that ended on the Montana gallows. He lived in the Black Hills among the Indians and later as a prospector who discovered gold in the mid 1870's.  The mining camp of Gayville was named after Bill and his brother Al.  Bill became very wealthy and married a dance hall girl who quickly got him into trouble.
On sale at the Spring Member Meeting $20


Thursday, February 7, 2019


If you are a fellow history lover and have a few hours a month to give, we need volunteers.  If you or someone you know are interested in a rewarding position as a Board Secretary, please contact Donna Watson at 605-580-9770 for more information.


Historical Cheyenne Crossing - Spearfish Canyon

We are currently working to secure the data needed to fulfill the state requirements for a Historical Marker at the Historical Cheyenne Crossing site.  A state marker once stood at that site, but was removed when the road was widened.
A big thank you to the owner of the Cheyenne Crossing Restaurant, Dave Brueckner, who has offered a place on his property for the placing of this marker  Updates to come.


Re:  McGovern Hill Issue

From Lynn Nammynga - Long serving  LCHS Board Member and former Historic Preservation Officer
Like a slow metastasizing cancer, Deadwood is gradually losing its historic character and community to big money and gambling. On December 13th the Deadwood Historic Preservation Commission voted 5 to 2 to allow a mountain viewshed to be torn away to build one 8 story and two 7 story “chalets” on the side of McGovern hill overlooking historic Deadwood. This Mountain Grand project consists of selling these virtually inaccessible time share units and renting them out during the balance of the year.
This desecration of another mountain side in Deadwood gives permission to other gambling properties that in the past have asked to tear down mountainsides behind their casinos. H.P. has largely denied these requests. I question why the Commissioners have now decided it’s somehow okay. You can bet that other casinos will jump at the opportunity, and their lawyers will now have no trouble getting it done.
 With large numbers of vacant homes, 40+ illegal airb&b’s, no grocery store, no senior center, the grade school and town losing population, Deadwood has changed greatly since I moved here 25 years ago.  What the town does has to offer residents are its history and the surrounding beauty, now under attack.  Already Deadwood’s historical designation is listed as “threatened,” a fact that does not seem to bother most of our H.P. Commissioners.  Maybe it’s time to just pull the shades and close the door on our historical town and turn it over to the big box casinos.

From Donna Watson - Long serving LCHS Board Member and current Vice President
On December 13th the members of the Deadwood Historic Preservation Commission (5/2) set aside precedent and their oaths of office to allow Deadwood Mountain Grand to build three sets of time share units (“chalets”) seven and eight stories high on the steep side of McGovern Hill, which happens to look down upon a portion of historic Deadwood. In past years other gaming resorts in town have requested permission to tear down hillsides above their establishments to create greater space, but have generally been denied. As a resident of Deadwood I can only wonder what prompted these stewards of our town’s historic preservation to turn their backs on precedent and practicality to allow this debacle. I fear there’s something rotten in the “state” of Deadwood. 

Announcement about McGovern Hill

On December 12, 2018, the Deadwood Historic Preservation Commission voted that the Mountain Grand Chalets project covering McGovern Hill would “encroach upon, damage, or destroy any historic property included in the national register of historic places or the state register of historic places” in Deadwood.

Then, the Historic Preservation Commission voted 5/2 to approve building 3 to 4 seven-stories high condominiums across the top of McGovern Hill in Deadwood. This will have a significant adverse effect on Deadwood, since McGovern Hill is an historic focal point in the downtown area.  No historic photos show buildings on the hill

If you think this decision jeopardizes our physical history and historical views, please contact the state office:

Jay D. Vogt
State Historic Preservation Officer
900 Governors Dr.
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: 605-773-3458

And the Deadwood Historic Preservation Office:

Kevin Kuchenbecker
Historic Preservation Officer
108 Sherman Street
Deadwood SD 57732
Phone: 605 -578-2082

Friday, January 18, 2019

Happy New Year, History Lovers!

Happy 2019 from LCHS! We're looking forward to a year of Historical fun.  We are also looking for a volunteer to post on our blogspot that you are reading now.  Please contact us at if you are interested.
We will announce our activities for the year after our February board meeting.

Thank you and have a Historical day!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Spring Fun: Good Food, Old West Wagon Master at The HARCC !

Come one, Come all to our Spring Member Program on April 15th!
Enjoy delicious lunch catered by Cheyenne Crossing.  See old west wagon master James Liberty Fisk portrayed by Mr. Arch Ellwein.  High Noon at The HARCC, 150 Sherman Street. $15 for Members, $20 for nonmembers (includes a year membership!)  Call 605-578-9770