Monday, May 23, 2011

Despite rain.....Historic Homes Tour a success!

More than 80 people joined the Lawrence County Historical Society for its first Historic Homes Tour yesterday (5/22/11) in historic Deadwood.

Despite relentless rains that had swollen creeks around the area, tour participants began aggregating at the Homestake Adams Archives and Cultural Center (HARCC) shortly after noon, eager to get started on the adventure.

“We were delighted with the turnout,” said event chairman Jeannine Guern. “It was a new experience for us, and we hope to build on this opportunity and create even better tours in the future.”

The Louie LeLonde home was one of five homes
included in the LCHS Historic Homes Tour.
Bad weather and reducing the number of homes on the tour from seven to five didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of participants.

“This was a wonderful experience – rich with history,” one young man told LCHS volunteers after the tour.

For the Lawrence County Historical Society (LCHS), the event netted more than $800.

The society is deeply grateful to the owners of the historic homes included in the tour. They not only allowed participants to come in to their homes – they enriched the experience by sharing information and stories about the historic structures.  You'll find additional photos and narrative information in our LCHS Gallery.

Our sincere thanks go to: Louie LaLonde, Raven Van Tassell, Lynn Namminga, Larry Kracht, and Dustin and Laura Floyd. Without their participation and support, the tour simply could not have succeeded.

The  Dustin & Laura Floyd home is in the midst
of significant restoration and improvement.
Bruce Oberlander of Dakota Graphics was great help with our posters and other print materials, while Mary Kopco and staff at the Homestake Adams Research and Cultural Center were unwavering in their support for this event.

Lots of LCHS volunteers worked long and hard to ensure the success of the tour. Among them: Donna Watson, Jeannine Guern, Lynn Namminga, Jacke Mitchell, Linda Bryant, Norma Kraemer, Judy Farris, Larry Miller, Marshall Raeburn, Mike Runge, as well as Sam and Linda Namminga.  Also, a tip of the hat to Deadwood Trolley driver Richard Marsolek, who did a superb job of shuttling people as needed between locations.  Of course, the assistance and support from the City of Deadwood, which provided the Trolley, was invaluable.

By the way, you'll find a nice set of interior photographs of the Lynn Namminga home in our Namminga Gallery

Many thanks to both First Gold and Four Aces casinos for donating free dinners to two lucky tour participants: Barbara Ayer of Nemo and Doug Kraft of Belle Fourche.  Congratulations Barbara and Doug!